Another city...... Off to Pelourinho

Another town!!

I flew into Salvador on Saturday after a few rainy days in Rio. It was nice to fly. I have some friends that I met in Rio and I roomed with them in Salvador that took the bus to save money. It cost them $240 Reals. The bus trip was supposed to take 25 hours but the bus broke down and the trip took 35 hours. I paid $291 Relas and it took me 2 hours. Ha ha!!

 After I found a bus, I arrived at my hostel and found the English couple that I was talking about above. It was nice to know someone there. There were also a big group of Israelis that were there to party no matter what. I spent my first day in a very old city in Salvador called PELOURINHO taking pictures, dodging beggars, and walking my butt off. It was a really neat place and at night it is full of fun. (See pictures of guys with drums) They do street parties where guys with drums play and get the crowds dancing and donating money. 

The band, Salvador, Brazil

Anyway, the first night we stayed in. The second day, my English friends moved out to another room and I got a new roommate. His name is Damien. He is English and came in with a long face. I asked what the problem was and he said that he had just broken up with his Brazilian girlfriend that day. I started to laugh and thought how ironic it was that he and I ended up rooming together and we both were just single from Brazilian women. 

Getting the crowd up for dancing, Salvador, Brazil

Next day, I went to the beach and hung out with the couple. In the evening, we went to a street party. My first night out in a while. We went to the town square and there was live music. In the smaller streets, there was a drum band playing. The crowd loved it. My roommate was pick-pocketed for about $40.00 bucks. We then went to an outside Samba bar and stood around and talked. I left at 12:30 am and went to bed. =)) More beach during the day and at night I cooked spaghetti for a few people and we stayed in. Next day, I cooked some food on the grill and headed out to catch a bus to the bus station. Lesson learned…………… NEVER get on a bus with a big suitcase at 5:00 pm in a city. The people pack in the bus. It is crazy. Lucky for me I had 3 older women felt sorry for me not speaking the language so they looked out for me and told me when to get off the bus. The problem was dragging my bag through the crowd. 

Street party, Salvador, Brazil

So, I climbed on a bus and headed to Recife. On the bus, I met a lesbian that was crying her eyes out because she was leaving her girlfriend in Salvador. A drunken guy speaking Portuguese also harassed me for a few minutes. I pushed him back 2 times but it was not a violent thing. I just moved him. The 2 girls next to me did not know what his problem was. Finally, the man behind me (I think he was military or a federal police man) got up and twisted his arm and moved him back to his seat………… Good times!!!! 

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